These teams have already signed up to play in the 2016 World Series

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2015 18U Champs Huntsville Sharks 2015 16U Champs Lady Legendz 10u Shockwave 10-12-14U Wisconsin Elite Nashville NightHawks 10U Ohio Starz 10U Ohio Starz 10U Ohio Starz 10U Ohio Starz

2015 18U World Series Champs

The 18U Huntsville Sharks from Huntsville. Alabama.

2015 16U World Series Champs

The 16U Lady Legendz from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2015 Opening Ceremony Fun

2015 Opening Ceremony Cheer Competition Winners Louisiana Shockwave from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Cheer Competition Fun

The Wisconsin Elite practice for the Cheer Competition.

Opening Ceremony Fun

The Nashville Nighthawks from Hendersonville, Tennessee take time out from the fun to pose for a picture.

2015 Cheer Competition

The Ohio Starz 04 from Newark, Ohio practice for the cheer competition.

2015 10U World Series Champs

The Ohio Starz 04 from Newark, Ohio.

2015 12U World Series Champs.

2015 12U Champion White Lightning Fastpitch from Knoxville, Tennessee.

2015 14U World Series Champs.

2015 14U Champion Maryville Magic from Maryville, Tennessee.

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